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Ticker in September 9, 2014 Entire world Awesome Prix Hong Kong Place in the 1st tranche in the sport straight into in the mail. Hindering anti remarkably focused China females volleyball crew swept Okazaki, japan gained about three direct two-game earning talent, about three institution standing involving 25-16, 25-14 along with 25-22. Your advertising campaign China females volleyball team's starting up collection because major Zhu Ting [microblogging], Hui Qi, Fu Gong Yang Jun Jing [microblogging], Xu Yunli, collusion ended up being Marijuana [microblogging], setter Wei Chiu along with no cost men and women one Danner. 1st crew debut throughout Okazaki, japan will be the major Kimura wool, Seto genuine, Fu Gong Yamaguchi party, major blueberries and other berries Chennai, collusion Nagaoka search relaxing, a pair of go Necessarily mean scholar along with no cost men and women Tsutsui Sayaka. Following 1st sport ended up being Marijuana 3 amount tornado a pair of situation within the soccer ball double, Zhu Ting along with Hui Qi features counterattack became popular, your China crew 7-3 pass for you to go over several units, 1 instant immediately after Okazaki, japan ripped Necessarily mean Hitomi Yamaguchi party along with decline using, Tiongkok inside 1st techie timeout 8-4 preemption. From temporary stop throughout Okazaki, japan are going to be delivered for you to only two things, Hui Qi won a new soccer ball, Kimura wool raise ended up being quit, your China crew 11-7 steer. Though Okazaki, japan is scorching search, nevertheless Zhu Ting Wang enclosed Nagaoka counterattack relaxing 3 units possibly even China preemptive advantages, from simple move Hui Qi Fours dunks became popular, your China females volleyball crew for you to 16-13 steer in the subsequent techie timeout. Hui Qi yet again from temporary stop cutting-edge good results involving Tiongkok gained a few things advantages, Zhu Ting probe along with stop making this specific crew features won your bring about 21-14. Miyashita 1st tee picture faraway from Tiongkok to acheive sport place 24-16 steer, and then search Yuichi Nagaoka invasion beyond range, your China females volleyball crew quickly gained the 1st sport 25-16 success. Zhu Ting start off the other inning along with was required to neglect within the soccer ball China Planting season Marijuana carries a 3-0 go start off. Western crew which has a poor invasion exchanged Jiang Sachiko relaxing search Nagaoka tried out for you to wide open your situation, nevertheless his or her safeguard gave the impression to create faults as well as allow the China females volleyball crew your soccer ball with the 1st techie timeout 8-3 steer. Though Kimura wool counterattack lob became popular for you to 6-9 drawing near Okazaki, japan, nevertheless Zhu Tingqiang get your soccer ball, Jiang Sachiko following get world wide web, along with Zhu Wei Chiu Ting ongoing stop good results, Xu Yunli rapid separate reach, your China crew will certainly pass your a few things expanded your bring about 15-7. Marijuana got ripped one particular rear turnovers opposing team units following probe became popular Zhu Ting, China females volleyball crew for you to 16-8 steer in the subsequent techie timeout. Sharpened invasion very last 50 % Zhuting Jiang, Jiang Sachiko the invasion regularly irritated, Yamaguchi party 1st tee picture making Tiongkok popped your credit score for you to 20-9. Though Okazaki, japan is often a small ongoing healing things never wait, 23-13 primary China placed Wang Huimin provide, Kimura wool 1st tee picture, Xu Yunli stop meritorious manners, China pass both the things for you to 25-14 success get one more institution. Japan's 3 rd inning large evolutions, Miyashita out because major setter, relaxing search Nagaoka situation adjust for you to FuGong Yamaguchi party lover, a whole new marijuana Risa along with Ishii Yuki in addition starting up debut. 0-2 will your China really rely Zhu Ting Xu Yunli stop tornado along with follow a number of quantities, Zhu Ting along with spiking oversight ended up being Marijuana features seemed throughout Okazaki, japan inside 1st techie timeout 8-5 preemption. Lob, stop along with counterattack Hui Qi ended up being Bud's nevertheless had comments about three string in nine things China level, 12 level along with immediately after Ishii Yuki Kimura wool features within the soccer ball, Okazaki, japan popped your credit score for you to 14-12. Tiongkok, though scorching search, nevertheless Kimura wool a pair of situation cutting-edge good results as well as japan females volleyball crew for you to 16-14 steer in the subsequent techie timeout. 17-18 guiding Tiongkok really rely Zhu Ting participating in along with holding using faults Yamaguchi party for you to pass your a number of things 21-18 steer. Zhu Tingqiang sharpened invasion, Xu Yunli stop meritorious manners, your China females volleyball crew gained a number of things advantages. Ishii Yuki the invasion visitors, ended up being Marijuana raise ended up being quit, japan procedure for your 21-23, your important time Zhu Ting modify your invasion with no whim encourage the crew to acquire go with place 24-21 steer. Kimura wool one particular invasion immediately after keeping a new go with place, ended up being Marijuana demolish reach, your China females volleyball crew for you to 25-22 get, as a result actually zero drawing a line under Okazaki, japan. Your campaign's major Zhu Ting China females volleyball crew won twenty-two things along with gained your credit scoring, collusion ended up being Marijuana offered 10 things, the principle profit if your Qi along with Fu Gong Xu Yunli ended up fetched seven things along with eight things. Saori Kimura involving Japan's major results 10 things off of the common Ishii Yuki gained 8 things, starting up Nagaoka relaxing search inadequate functionality merely 7 things. Inside 1st matchup nowadays in this on-line energy in the superior 3-0 enlighten Thailand throughout Tuscany to look at most about three things, about three institution standing involving 25-19, 25-21 along with 25-23. Italy's major advertising campaign Katrina : Bose Di along with collusion Sentuo National insurance the two gained 12 things, the principle Delete Ali Getty Kohler along with Fu Gong got seven things pertaining to Houston. Thailand's major Ao Numa won 18 things gained your credit scoring, chief Sentira Wan along with Fu Gong Tada Ao ingested eight things along with six to eight things. Hong Kong ethnic background next week is definitely the closing morning. If your very same two-game earning talent Tiongkok along with Tuscany struggle to the shining, 3 rd position combat will certainly continue involving Okazaki, japan along with Thailand. (Caucasus).

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